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Rose and Thistle - 18th century Jacobite re-enactors


18th century and Jacobite re-enactors

Mens roles

Rose and Thistle recreate members of John Roy Stewart's Regiment. Over 20 years of research has gone into our clothing and weapons, we welcome members who are new to re-enactment as well as those looking for new period. We can lend you kit if you are new to the period and then help you build up your own as we have a list of suppliers and patterns available.

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Womens roles

Rose and Thistle welcomes women and children into our group. There are various roles you can adopt and we can help you with loan kit and then to build up your own.

Training and history

Rose and Thistle have been involved in many TV and museum projects including the Culloden Battlefield Centre where you will see us in the surround film showing the battle. We will train you to use the weapons of the time and help you to apply for the necessary licences you need should you want to use a musket. We tend to camp "authentically" using period tents and have several we can loan out until you get your own. Many of the existing members are experts on the Jacobite Risings and will be able to tell you about the period and will try to answer any questions you have.
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